Cantium Cats is a mobile cat maintenance service operating in Kent offering cat owners a full range of services in the comfort of their own home in the areas of Maidstone, Tonbridge, Medway and the Weald.

Most cat owners think their cats can adequately wash and groom themselves but if the fur is dirty or oily it can get matted and they can develop hairballs and ingest harmful bacteria and foreign bodies. Long haired cats can become matted when they shed their undercoat and it becomes tangled in their top coat with the matts being common around the chest and collar. If left untreated they can become tighter and cause discomfort and pain.  Overweight, old or sick cats can’t always reach all the areas of their bodies that need cleaning. Regular grooming reduces shedding and matting.

The best way to prevent fur from matting is to brush or comb every day. Some cats benefit from a regular professional groom and others need large matts removed by clipping. Most cats enjoy being groomed once they get used to it and appear happy and confident but others are understandably nervous and scared.

Cats are much easier to groom in their own homes with their owner on hand. From bathing to grooming, clipping and shaving, I provide a wide range of services catered to your cats individual needs. I try to ensure their experience is a positive one. I do not use sedation or scruffing and the welfare of your cat is my priority.

I also offer a cat sitting service for when you go away.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and book an appointment.