Terms and Conditions

Bookings and Deposit

A deposit of half of the charge is payable within 24hrs of booking an appointment. If the deposit payment is not made within 24hrs of booking, the appointment will be cancelled. Please see current price list for details.

If on arrival the owner is not at home or the cat is not at home the deposit will not be refunded as this time was reserved specifically for you.

Appointment Payment

The outstanding balance must be paid in full at the end of the appointment before I leave your property.


A minimum of 3 days notice of cancellation must be given prior to the arranged appointment to receive a deposit refund.

If cancelling and rearranging an appointment with more than 3 days notice the deposit will be rolled over for the rearranged appointment.


Prices on the website are a general guide. The more information you can provide at initial contact will assist me in offering a more realistic and appropriate quote. This may not be properly determined until meeting and working with your cat.

Hygiene and PPE

To allay any concerns, I confirm that I am compliant with government regulations on hygiene in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I will:

  • Appropriately sanitise and clean materials, surfaces and personal belongings
  • Wear a face mask in your home
  • Remove and safely dispose of all waste clippings
  • Keep the 2 metre social distancing rule
  • Maintain good ventilation ensuring not to endanger the safety of your cat

Health and Safety

For the safety of myself and your pet I ask that you disclose at the time of booking if your cat exhibits any difficult or aggressive behaviour and any pre existing health issues. Most cats can be calmed and accept the grooming or bathing process. However, I reserve the right to refuse to attend to your cat if its behaviour is a safety issue. 

I will notify you of any health issues discovered during the appointment. No liability will be accepted if any health issues are uncovered or pre existing conditions aggravated by the grooming process. If I find any issues that require veterinary treatment, I will inform you and the appointment may be terminated. I may terminate the appointment for the health and safety of the cat and myself. The full cost of the appointment will still apply.

After Effects

Sometimes irritation may occur from the shaving process and occasionally small nicks where matted fur is close to the skin. This can on occasion leave patchiness or hair loss. Clipping can alter the appearance and variation in colour of the hair until regrowth.