Grooming and Clipping

I offer a full health check for your cat where I will examine eyes, ears, mouth, paws and general coat condition. In addition to this I also clip your cats nails.

Regular brushing to remove dead hair helps remove dead cells, dirt and invigorates the skin. It also prevents matts from forming. A matt is most common in long haired cats and is where tangles and knots develop near the skin causing a bump or matt of tight hair that is impossible to brush out and that can cause irritation and pain for your cat if left untreated.

I offer a full groom removing dead hair and leaving a bright glossy coat. I also offer a clipping service where the coat is shaved, trimmed and styled. A cat appears much happier following a good brush and groom as well as benefiting from a healthier coat.


I offer a dry or wet bath as an additional service following grooming or clipping. I prefer air drying but can use a hairdryer if preferred.

During the whole process your cat will be in good hands and each cat is treated sensitively with care and respect. I do not use restraints or sedation during my time with your cat.